Scriptwriting Workshop

Scriptwriting workshop in the framework of the project „Jeder kann schreiben“ – Imagefilm der Schreibwerkstatt Marzahn hold by Renate Zimmermann with the participants of the Schreibwerkstatt (creative writing workshop) in Marzahn Berlin.

The group was presented with basic concepts of dramaturgy such as theme, ideas and structure. Furthermore, we talked about the importance of audio in the conceptualisation of a video and how often it is the sound even more then the video, that gives the dramaturgical structure to the audiovisual content. In addition, in a group exercise, the participants have been put from the perspective of the viewers and make a list of fundamental questions which helped them in developing the content of the video. After this step the group have been introduce to the most important elements that a filmmaker has in her/his hand for the production of a video such as images, voice off, dialogues, music, fades, captions, speed change etc. Finally, practical issue for the organisation of a video production have been listed. Among others how to divide the team during the shoot, what’s the tasks of each role, which equipment every role needs and a general list of item, which should not be forgotten during the day of the shooting.


Mentor for the project Wie im Film Muslimische Vielfalt in Berlin featuring young refugees from Syria, Iraq and Kurdish territories. The project was part of the annual cultural event in Berlin “Die Nächte of the Ramadan” (The night of the Ramadan) produced by Piranha Art AG. IN-JUSTICE was one of the videos produced giving the participants a chance to share their experiences and aspirations in a new city.


The Scarf


Berlin, when the winters were still cold. Sophia (a “Berliner”) and Nicola (Italian) are in their bedroom looking at each other. Nicola tells his girlfriend what happened in the cinema.

After watching a film with friends, he forgets his scarf inside the cinema. He immediately goes back to get it, but the doors are already closed. Nicola tries to convince the cinema manager Mr. Özgür (German with Turkish migration background) that it’s too cold outside to go back home without his scarf, but the cinema has very strict security rules: no one is allowed inside after the centralized light system has been switched off and the doors have been locked. Nicola tries to convince Mr. Özgür to open, but the cinema manager firmly sticks to the rules. There is no way out of the conflict: Nicola vs. the mighty German “Nein”. Of course Nicola loses! Freezing his neck off, he has to go home without his scarf and has to return the next day to collect it.

While Sophia starts making fun of her boyfriend’s incapacity to adapt to the hostile nordic environment, Nicola enters a dangerous mental loop and he is troubled by deep philosophical questions. Which were the real reasons behind Mr. Özgür’s stubborn behavior? Was it mere grumpiness? A lack of empathy towards the “foreigner”? Or did he maybe want to demonstrate, with a meticulous compliance with the rules, his being even more German than the Germans? Moreover, should safety regulations really be more important than a simple but human gesture: returning a scarf to a person who feels cold? And last but not least: will he ever regain his scarf?

Based on a true story, DER SCHAL is a 25 min. long European comedy about the everyday reality of different cultures living together in metropole like Berlin.



Director’s view

With a simple based-on-true-events story-plot , the idea is to portray the new pluricultural social reality which can be found today in some area of Europe, especially in big cities. The “thinning” of boarders have favourite the movement throughout the Union: individuals, friends, families, couples with different cultural background live together, speak different languages, creating de facto a sort of meta-national society.

It is the case of Sophia and Nicola, the protagonists of the film. They are a couple who perceive itself as European more than a German-Italian one and on top of their mother-tongues they communicate in European english, the only truly neutral territory between the two.

But this process of “shifting of identity” and “crossing the borders”  is not without obstacles. Difference in culture are still evident, and can bring to frictions, clashes or misunderstandings. Residuals of the old national-cultur-based-paradigma are still strong and suddenly re-emerge in those moments in which one has difficulties in understanding “the other”.

DER SCHAL is  a dramatic, humorous and happy comedy which underlie the meaning of small gestures. With this film I want to show how important it is to admit one own mistakes and sometimes simply take life with a touch of irony and laugh about oneself and : only if we remain open and we are willing to see the world from the perspective of others, we can keep alive our hope to live in a good society.

DER SCHAL is produced by Controcorrentefilms by Laura Weber. The project has been selected at the Short Comedy Pitch program of Torino Short Film Market 2020 and won the Short Comedy Award Prize granted by IDM Südtirol /Alto Adige Film Commission. 



THE SCARF_Pitch Video from andrea iannetta on Vimeo.

A Start Up Story

An ongoing project to follow the journey of a young Berlin based start-up: Matterway (formerly Productive Mobile). The project started in 2016 to develop a video diary by recording, archiving and documenting their daily operations and progress. Studies show that only 10% of all start-ups achieve success. Will the company be one of them?



Directed by: Mirah Laline
Music Production: Human Vibes
Lyrics: Lio, REQ & Amon
Kurdish Song: “Le-Lé” by Hazan Axin
Video Production: Temblor Art Collective
Cinematography: Andrea Iannetta
Editing and CC: Elissa de Brito
Graphic Design: Matheus Guizolfi
Digital Distribution: CD BABY





I stay Positive because of my mother
Life played with us, but we say that
It’s gonna be alright, we gonna see the light
And the darkness will be over.

Enemies are like the spreading virus
But we want to live
I stay Positive because of my mother

How can I be, how can I live
How can I go further

Without your light, my path is all dark
And I can’t go ahead

We live the past in the present
We said we will risk and take the way of immigration
We packed our bags, and thought that would be easy

I left my home searching for a blooming future
Thinking i would reach all my dreams in a better situation

Live without a family or good friends next to me
I thought it would be just a few days
I didn’t think my soul would be rusted

Back at home I was searching for my rights
And now the life is so crazy without any goals
Soon I will break those walls

I stay Positive because of my mother
Life played with us, but we say that
It’s gonna be alright, we gonna see the light
And the darkness will be over.

Enemies are like the spreading virus
But we want to live
I stay Positive because of my mother

My eyes were waiting for you and you didn’t come
The night was so long and lonely
I was surrounded by snakes
And you didn’t appear, my Spring flower

I saw her tears when she was crying
i couldn’t say anything as if i was Mute,
But inside of me I was complaining to God
For every reason that keeps me away from you

Doesn’t matter how old I get, I will always be a child in your eyes
I will always follow your words, and never let you down
You are my World and paradise, I swear to God I will always protect you
My mom got tired, my mom Taught us, Mama your eyes were never closed
All your love. All your suffering, I respect and hold on to them.
When will these old times come back and I can smell your perfume again

I stay Positive because of my mother
Life played with us, but we say that
It’s gonna be alright, we gonna see the light
And the darkness will be over.

Enemies are like the spreading virus
But we want to live
I stay Positive because of my mother


Gewaltfrei und Gleich

Direction and production of the video “Gewaltfrei und Gleich” for TERRE DES FEMMES, BERLIN, focusing on domestic and sexual violence in Germany.