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Andrea Iannetta - film maker - Ouagadougou, Building Bridges to tackle FGM/C – French
« Building Bridges between Africa and Europe to tackle FGM/C (Female Genital Mutilation) »

Video Production Workshop made in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in 2017, French-speaking countries, West Africa.

The project was implemented by AIDOS – Italian Association for Women in Development, in partnership with AMSOPT (Mali), Equipop (France), GAMS Belgique (Belgium), Mwangaza Action (Burkina Faso) and UMWA (Uganda) with the support of the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on female genital mutilation/cutting.

Project executed in collaboration with Der Landesverband Kinder-und Jugendfilm.

„Jeder kann schreiben“  (Everyone can write)

Scriptwriting workshop – Imagefilm der Schreibwerkstatt Marzahn hold by Renate Zimmermann with the participants of the Schreibwerkstatt (creative writing workshop) in Marzahn, Berlin, 2020.

The group was presented with basic concepts of dramaturgy such as theme, ideas and structure. Furthermore, we talked about the importance of audio in the conceptualisation of a video and how often it is the sound even more then the video, that gives the dramaturgical structure to the audiovisual content. In addition, in a group exercise, the participants have been put from the perspective of the viewers and make a list of fundamental questions which helped them in developing the content of the video. After this step the group have been introduce to the most important elements that a filmmaker has in her/his hand for the production of a video such as images, voice off, dialogues, music, fades, captions, speed change etc. Finally, practical issue for the organisation of a video production have been listed. Among others how to divide the team during the shoot, what’s the tasks of each role, which equipment every role needs and a general list of item, which should not be forgotten during the day of the shooting.

Andrea Iannetta - film maker

Video Production Workshop « Wie im Film, Muslimische Vielfalt » (Like in the film, Muslim diversity), in Berlin, Germany in 2016.

Mentor for the project in Berlin featuring young refugees from Syria, Iraq and Kurdish territories. The project was part of the annual cultural event in Berlin “Die Nächte of the Ramadan” (The night of the Ramadan) produced by Piranha Art AG. IN-JUSTICE was one of the videos produced giving the participants a chance to share their experiences and aspirations in a new city.

To watch the video, write me and I will send you the link and password.

Andrea Iannetta - film maker
Andrea Iannetta - film maker
Andrea Iannetta - film maker - in Justice

2015 Video Production in Thies (Senegal) in the frame of the Audio-documentary Workshop “Abandoning FGM on FM!”

A project by AIDOS – Italian Association for Women in Development consisting in two trainings (Senegal and Kenya) on how to produce audio documentaries on FGM/C, involving journalists and media officers from 6 African countries, in the framework of the project “Abandoning FGM/C on FM!”, supported by the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Program on FGM/C.