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Building Bridges to tackle FGM/C – French

Andrea Iannetta - film maker - Ouagadougou, Building Bridges to tackle FGM/C – French

Audiovisual trainer in the video Workshop Building Bridges between Africa and Europe to tackle FGM/C.

Atelier de création et production de vidéos sur les mutilations génitales féminines/excision “Bâtir des ponts entre l’Afrique et l’Europe pour mettre fin aux mutilations génitales féminines/excision (MGF/E)”

The Workshop

The project aims at increasing the effectiveness of efforts made to eradicate the practice of FGM/C and to improve the living conditions of girls and women in Africa and Europe, affected by this practice. It brings together young people from the civil society organizations (CSOs), professional sectors (media, health, psycho‐social, etc.) and communities from select African countries and migrant communities in Europe. The project creates a space to share best practices and strengthen links – enabling mutual learning and exchange for the participants.

The project was implemented by AIDOS – Italian Association for Women in Development, in partnership with AMSOPT (Mali), Equipop (France), GAMS Belgique (Belgium), Mwangaza Action (Burkina Faso) and UMWA (Uganda) with the support of the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on female genital mutilation/cutting.