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Ponti Project

Andrea Iannetta - film maker - Ponti Project

The PONTI Project: Social and economic inclusion, young people and women, innovation and diasporas” aims at contributing to counteract the root causes of migration in Senegal and Ethiopia, through the promotion of the employment of women and young generations and the enhancement of the role of diasporas in the promotion of development in the countries of origin.

The project, co-funded by the Ministry of the Interior, mobilizes a rich partnership, consisting of 20 Italian and international NGOs, diasporas associations, grassroots organizations and local institutions, cooperatives and GIE. All the actors involved in the project are involved in the strengthening of the resilience of communities at high migration risk. Through the involvement of the diasporas and the transfer of skills and professional and financial skills, they will contribute to the creation of new jobs and investment opportunities in sustainable and high added value productive sectors.