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Andrea Iannetta Allah is Great

Allah is Great

Allah is Great has been presented in over 20 film festivals worldwide and has won 6 awards across Europe and Asia.

Andrea Iannetta - film maker

Gewaltfrei und Gleich

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Direction and production of the video “Gewaltfrei und Gleich” for TERRE DES FEMMES, BERLIN, focusing on domestic and sexual violence in Germany.  

Monsoon Moods

The film explores the landscapes and minute details of the Maharashtrian countryside during the season of Monsoon.


Playback is an experimental music video produced during my time as a student at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.

The light and her shadows

Set in the backdrop of middle-class Indian society, Avantika, a young Indian girl develops an intimate relationship with Julia, a young American painter who is temporarily visiting India.

What Really happened?

What Really happened? Living far away from one’s homeland in an unfamiliar culture, can be an alienating, even a demoralizing experience.

The kingdom of God

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A satire that raises the question of the role of religion and its meaning in our society

The Funeral

A surreal funeral attended by an unlikely melange of characters from various cultural and religious backgrounds.